What You See First in These Images Will Determine If You’re an Optimist or a Pessimist

How do you see the world?

A lot of us look at an optical illusion as a fun and interesting piece of artwork. But our responses to certain images can say a lot about our personality and outlook in life.

Your gut feeling about these tricky pictures can reveal if you're a more positive or negative person. Just take the infamous "is the glass half full or half empty" test. Imagining taking a glass and filling it with water up to the halfway mark. Some people will probably say that the glass is half full. Others may look at it and proclaim that it's half empty. Since both groups would be correct, what does this test tell you?

Go through the following optical illusions and tell us what you see the first time you look at each image. Based on your interpretation, we can tell if you're more of a glass half-full, or a glass half-empty person!

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