What Is Your Sense of Humor Percentage?

What exactly tickles you?

Everyone has a sense of humor that is a little different from one another. What one person finds funny might not be funny to someone else. Humor is subjective and it can depend on a personโ€™s culture, background, and personal tastes. That said, some common forms of humor include puns, jokes, sarcasm, irony, and satire. Very few people laugh at a wide range of comedy. The chances are there are two or three types of comedy that really tickle your funny bone while the rest are something you find cringeworthy or boring.

Laughing raises our self-esteem, gets our endorphins flowing and helps us maintain a general sense of satisfaction with our lives and those around us. So, knowing what makes you laugh is an important tool for any of us to have. To find out what kinds of comedy are most likely to crack you up and the level of humor you have in you, go ahead and take this quiz.

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