Which Comedy Movie Should You Watch Tonight Based on the Sitcoms You Like?

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Sitcoms have always been a vital part of the television world, providing some of the best easy-to-watch content. Usually, each episode of a sitcom is self-contained with a main plot and couple of subplots, so even casual viewers can enjoy the jokes without following the entire series. Still, there are a number of successful shows with large followings.

Undeniably, Friends has achieved a cult status among sitcom lovers. The intertwined stories among six friends made for great television, especially the rollercoaster romance between Ross and Rachel. The Big Bang Theory is an ongoing show that follows a similar premise, but have main characters working in the world of Science. These shows followed young adults, but The Golden Girls took a different route, following older ladies in their time living together.

In this quiz, you get to pick sitcoms that you love! Based on what you enjoy, we will recommend a hilarious movie for you to catch on movie night.

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Which Comedy Movie Should You Watch Tonight by Sitcoms … Quiz Questions

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