What Type of Humor Do You Have?

What type of jokes makes you LOL?

Laughing is an important part of our lives. What each person laughs at is what defines that person's sense of humor. If someone ever accuses you of not having a sense of humor, you can retort with, "Everyone has a sense of humor and so do I. We just don't have the same one." So what are the different kinds?

If you're a fan of the popular show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, you are probably a fan of improvisational comedy, or simply "improv". You appreciate how people can make jokes on the fly without thinking too much about it. If you like jokes made on talk shows or Saturday Night Live, you like witty jokes that may be related to current events. Especially in today's climate with heavy news, jokes like these are quite necessary.

In this quiz, find out what kind of humor you have. Answer the following humor-related questions and we'll tell you exactly what makes you LOL.

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What Type of Humor Do You Have? Quiz Questions

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