Pick Some Foods from Around the World and We’ll Tell You Where You Should Live

"Paris, one way."

In most people's travel itineraries, tasting the local delicacies is near the top of the to-do list. Food is, after all, a huge part of a country's identity. If you could savor only one dish from each country, what will it be?

If you're ever in the south of India, have a bite of the masala dosa. Most people would enjoy the crispy rice batter with different kinds of dips. If you swing by Singapore, you should try a plate of chicken rice. Sounds simple? The dish entails more than it seems, with fragrant rice, sauces, and juicy chicken that is either steamed or roasted. If you visit Italy, you need to have lasagna. You may have tasted the version in your own country, but nothing beats the original.

In this quiz, we present you with a spread of food from cuisines all around the world. Pick just one dish from each culture and we will tell you where you should actually be living.

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