Can You Name These Simpsons Characters?

How many of the Simpsons characters can you name?

Ah, fellow Simpson enthusiasts and aspiring Springfield residents! Are you ready to embark on a hilarious journey filled with yellow skin, wacky antics, and more donuts than you can shake a stick at? If you think you're a seasoned connoisseur of the world's favorite dysfunctional family, then prepare yourself for the ultimate test of Simpsonology - the one and only Simpsons quiz!

We all know that the Simpsons universe is vast and populated by an extraordinary cast of characters, each with their quirky charm and unforgettable catchphrases. From the lovable and eternally optimistic Homer J. Simpson to the brilliant but socially awkward Lisa, this show has been a cultural icon for generations. And who can forget the mischievous Bart, the ever-patient Marge, and of course, the resident evil genius, Mr. Burns! D'oh! I just can't get enough of these iconic characters, and I bet you can't either!

Now, before you rush off to Springfield Elementary to seek advice from Principal Skinner, hold your horses! We're not handing out diplomas just yet. This is not your average "Simpsons quiz." Oh no, my fellow Springfielders, this is THE quiz, meticulously crafted to test your knowledge like never before. It's like having your very own Krusty the Clown Show, but with more brain-teasers and fewer Sideshow Bob mishaps!

You might be thinking, "Hey, how hard can it be? I've been watching the Simpsons since the Stone Age!" But let me remind you that this show has been running for decades, spanning countless episodes and featuring a plethora of characters, some more obscure than Ned Flanders' left-handed store. So, while you may be well-versed in the escapades of the Simpson nuclear family, can you name the one-off wonders, the background buddies, and the recurring regulars?

Don't be like Homer trying to solve a Rubik's Cube; get ready to showcase your Simpson expertise and leave no character unremembered! So, grab a Buzz Cola, settle into your comfiest couch, and get ready to show off your Simpsonology prowess. The Simpsons character quiz is your chance to shine brighter than Marge's blue hair in the sunshine!

And hey, no peeking at the answer key like Bart copying from Martin - that's cheating! Now, let's get this quiz rolling like a doughnut down a conveyor belt at Lard Lad Donuts! Giddy-up and good luck, my fellow Simpson aficionados! Let's see if you can earn the title of the ultimate Simpsons superfan!

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