This Picture Test Will Reveal Three Deep Truths About You

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This Picture Test Will Reveal 3 Deep Truths About You Quiz

When we look at images, we usually have some sort of response, be it verbal or physical. However, there are certain images that evoke particularly strong emotions instead.

Seeing a picture of a baby may incite us to respond emotionally more than any other kind of picture. Baby pictures engage us instantly and lighten our mood for a while. There is a reason for this and that is "baby schema", which is basically why we feel happier after seeing such cute characteristics. The same theory even applies to baby animals. Inspiring images get us emotional too. This kind of imagery impacts us psychologically, motivating us to achieve our goals and overcome any limitations we have in the process.

Tell us what you feel when you see the following 15 pictures. We'll analyze your reactions (or lack of them), and reveal three deep truths about you that you may not be aware of.

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