⚔️ Only “Game of Thrones” Fans Can Pass This Character Death Quiz

Can you keep up with all the death in Westeros?

Throughout the 8 seasons that Game of Thrones has been on the air, a countless number of characters have been killed. No one is truly safe. Fans of the show have known since season 1 that this is a series which will kill off even its most important characters. We got reminded of that again a few seasons later at a very unfortunate wedding.

There is so much death on Game of Thrones that characters can die without fans giving it much thought. That's why only the most die-hard Game of Thrones fans can match these characters with how they died. Sure, casual fans may remember the most memorable character deaths, but only the top GoT fanatics can pass the test with a perfect score.

Scoring full marks on this quiz is likely an out-of-reach goal for many who take it. If you feel you are one of the most knowledgeable GoT fans out there, then test yourself by matching these characters with how they died.

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