This “Game of Thrones” Quiz Will Reveal If You Can Actually Win the Iron Throne

You win or you die.

Winning the Iron Throne and reigning over all of Westeros is something only the most cunning, intelligent, and at times ruthless person can accomplish. Perhaps you have just those very qualities and can be the one to reign over the Game of Thrones universe created by George R. R. Martin.

As we venture deeper into season 8 ofย Game of Thrones, what it takes to rule over Westeros has become more apparent. Now, we are able to determine who from this world could have seized the throne.

The following quiz contains questions and scenarios which will allow us to determine your leadership capabilities and the likelihood you would be able to take the throne. Only those worthy of wearing the crown atop their head, with the wit and cunning to make that happen can pass this quiz. Are you the one?ย Answer these questions and we will tell you if you have what it takes to win the Iron Throne.

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This Game of Thrones Quiz Will Reveal If You Can Win Iron Throne Questions

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