Can You Pass This General Knowledge Quiz While Being Distracted by ๐Ÿถ Cute Puppies?

This might be ruff.

Puppies, we all love them. They grab our attention, we enjoy looking at them. If you had to take a Science or Geography test where all the pages were filled with pictures of adorable puppies alongside the actual test questions, how would you fare? This quiz has been designed like that as a challenge for both your mental focus and your knowledge. You would have to concentrate hard in order to complete this trivia quiz amazingly well. Speaking of trivia, do you know that when you exercise, the burned fat metabolizes to become carbon dioxide, water, and energy? Meaning: you exhale the fat that you lose? How about the fact that of the top 20 most watched TV broadcasts in the United States, 19 were Super Bowls, and the other was the 1983 finale of M*A*S*H?

In this tricky trivia quiz, you can expect a few easy questions and many more that will make you second-guess yourself. The wide range of questions covering many different trivia topics will have you scratching your head for answers! Are you ready to take your brain over the hurdles? It's time to challenge the genius in you and see how your trivia knowledge stacks up against others.

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Can You Pass This General Knowledge Quiz While Being Distracted by Cute Puppies? Questions

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