🐢 Everyone Is a Combo of One Big Dog and One Small Dog β€” What Are You?

Here's a quiz that will give you paws.

Which Big Dog And Small Dog Are You A Combination Of? 🐢 Quiz

It is common knowledge that all dogs have unique personalities and quirks, in much the same way humans do. While every breed of man's best friend has its defining qualities, it seems that there are some common characteristics shared by small dogs, and others that are normally shared by big dogs.

Larger dogs breeds are usually more engaged with their owners. They love going jogging or playing fetch. Compared to a usually fearless small dog like the Maltese, large-sized canines like the Great Dane can be more anxious about getting reprimanded for any mistakes they make. Friendly breeds like the Golden Retriever can be very open to strangers than the generally cautious small dogs. Small pups such as the Chihuahua tend to be less receptive to hearing commands from their owners; perhaps they are less attentive and more easily distractible. Wee pooches are usually more excitable, as they will growl and snap at other dogs, even if it's a larger one!

If you've ever wanted to know which dogs you're most like, take this quiz! We'll reveal a big dog breed and a small dog breed that best match your personality.

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