🌮 Create a Tex-Mex Platter and We’ll Tell You Which Marvel Hottie You’re Sharing It With

Will you be sharing your meal with Thor... or the Hulk?

Create Tex-Mex Platter to Know Which Marvel Hottie You'… Quiz

If you're living in America, love a good taco or burrito, and enjoy dining out at Taco Bell, you may be a self-professed Mexican food lover. However, you may not actually be exposed to true Mexican cuisine. Instead, what you have been eating may be Tex-Mex food!

"What is Tex-Mex?", you may ask. It is a combination of Texan and Mexican, an apt representation of what the colorful cuisine consists of. The food is a fusion of Mexican and American cuisines, originating in Texas. This is most likely due to the state bordering Mexico. Evidently, the cuisine has spread all over North America, with many loving the core Mexican dishes enhanced with typically Southwestern ingredients. Some fusion dishes include yellow cheese on items like burritos and tacos.

Are you a fan? In this quiz, pick all the tasty Tex-Mex favorites you would like on your platter. Be sure to pick enough food for two, because your final selection will reveal which Marvel hottie you will be sharing it with!


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Create Tex-Mex Platter to Know Which Marvel Hottie You'… Quiz Questions