Can We Guess If You’re a Boomer, Gen X’er, Millennial or Gen Z’er Just Based on Your ✈️ Travel Preferences?

Of course we can. We're professionals.

One's age group may affect his or her vacation preferences in a number of ways. For example, younger generations may be more likely to seek out adventure and new experiences, while older generations may prefer more familiar and comfortable travel experiences. Young adults may be more interested in adventurous activities and nightlife, while older adults may prefer more relaxed and sedate activities and accommodation. Age may also affect one's ability to participate in certain activities, such as hiking or skiing. Additionally, age may affect one's travel budget, as younger adults may have less money to spend on travel than older adults.

In today's fun quiz, we are going to figure out what generation you're from just based on your travel preferences. Don't be surprised if your result doesn't match up with your actual cohort. It simply means that you have an old soul or you are a younger person trapped in an older person's body! Ready to find out if you have the travel habits of an older or younger person? Let's get started!

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