How Would You Fare Without ⚡️ Electricity? Choose Between These 🥗 Retro Dishes to Find Out

NGL, some of us can't make it.

Much like fashion, different types of foods can be trendy one year and then out of style the next. They can also be brought back years later as a retro trend. Sometimes people want to eat something that was popular in the '70s or '80s just to feel nostalgic. There was no shortage of people in the early 2000s who figured out that eating cheese fondue while dressed up as if you lived in the 1970s was a fun thing to do.

Strangely enough, we can actually tell how well you would adapt to living without electricity based on your answers to the questions on this quiz. That might seem odd, but your attitude toward different retro food dishes actually says a lot about how adaptable you are. If the world suddenly is without power, you will have to be incredibly adaptable to survive. Go ahead and take this quiz and we will let you know just how well you would do without electricity.

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How Would You Fare Without ️ Electricity? Pick Retro Di… Quiz Questions

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