Sorry, But Only Actual Geography Geniuses Can Score 16/22 on This Quiz

Let's put your geography knowledge to the test.

We live on a beautiful planet that's known as Earth, home to plenty of fascinating geographic features. Were you aware that Yellowstone National Park is home to an active "supervolcano"? How about the fact that underwater lakes and rivers exist? These formations, often called brine pools, can even have their own shores and their own currents and waves. Also, did you know that Vatican City is the smallest country in the world? It's located within the city of Rome in Italy.

You'll get plenty of chances to test your knowledge with this geography quiz. If you think you have the basics of geography down, then you should not have a problem acing this quiz. If you want to learn more about geography, this might just be the quiz for you. If you can score at least 16 on this difficult geography quiz, then we know for sure that you are a genius, in the realm of geography, that is.

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Only Actual Geography Geniuses Can Score 16 on This Quiz Questions

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