If You Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz, You Know Something About Every Subject

A trivia quiz to test your inner nerdy.

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it's that everyone loves some random trivia. Did you know that there are an estimated three million wrecked ships in the ocean? Were you aware that when Pink Floyd designed the "Animals" album cover, the inflatable pig tied to the power station broke free, causing Heathrow Airport to cancel all their flights? Also, did you know that an estimated 50% of all gold ever mined on Earth came from a single plateau in South Africa: Witwatersrand?

One person's common sense is another person's enlightenment, and that's the beauty of knowledge. Just because a random trivia factoid is common sense to you doesn't mean it's common knowledge to everyone else. Now, that doesn't mean that memorizing a dozen or so factoids will make you the most intelligent person amongst your peers. No, increasing your knowledge is more about having a sincere curiosity about learning more about the world around you.

If you're a person who's committed to the quest for learning about trivia, this quiz would be right up your alley. Do you have what it takes to come away with a 50 percent or higher score?

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If You Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz, You Know Something About Every Subject Questions

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