I Bet You Can’t Get 14/18 on This Geography Quiz

Here's your chance to challenge the geography genius in you.

People have always been curious about the world. Some even believe that geography is the oldest of all the sciences. For many people, geography means the studying of maps, knowing where places are and what they are like. But the subject is so much more than that. Geography is the study of the world we live in, its environments, landscapes and natural formations, and the relationship between people and environments.

How does your geography knowledge stack up against the rest of the world? How much of what you learned during high school geography classes can you still remember? Even more importantly, are you still learning new stuff on a daily basis? Some of the questions in this geography quiz might seem pretty easy, but you may just be pulling your hair out by the end of this quiz. Don't worry, we all start somewhere. If you can answer at least 14 questions correctly, we'll be incredibly impressed. After all, some of the best geographers out there probably have no idea what some of these answers are.

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I Bet You Can't Get 14/18 on This Geography Quiz Questions

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