If You Can Pass This Geography Quiz You Are a Certified Genius

Have you got what it takes?

There is no one in the world who knows absolutely all that there is to know about geography. One single human brain can simply not store all of that information. But perhaps you really enjoy geography and it's your favorite subject. You might be the kind of person who just reads encyclopedias and books on the history of different countries, geographical features, or maybe you just stare at a globe for hours on end.ย If you are that passionate about the subject and can pass this geography quiz on your first attempt, then we are confident you should qualify as a certified genius.

In order to do well, you will have to know about capital cities, languages spoken in different countries, top exports from certain countries and a whole lot more. If you really love geography though you might do very well. Go ahead and give this difficult geography quiz your best shot.

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If You Can Pass This Geography Quiz You Are Certified Genius Questions

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