Here Are 22 Countries – I’ll Be Impressed If You Know at Least 11 Capitals

It's probably harder than you think.

There are more than 190 nations officially recognized as independent countries in the world, each with its own capital city. Most countries chose a single city as their capital. But some countries have decided that when it comes to capital cities, more is better.

Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania are a few of the nations across the globe with two capital cities. South Africa is the only country to have three capital cities, a unique arrangement designed to share power across regions.

Check out this quiz that challenges your knowledge of various independent nations and their capitals. We all know of the most famous capital cities in the world like London, Paris, and Rome, that millions of travelers visit every year. But there are definitely more than a few capital cities that are more obscure and will pose a challenge in this quiz. The more countries you correctly match to their capitals, the higher your score. Will any of these national capitals trip you up?

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22 Countries. I'll Be Impressed If You Know 11 Capitals Quiz Questions

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