If You Can Score Over 76% On This Geography Test, You Definitely Know More Than Most People

Do you need to go back to school?

It's a big world, and it's easy to forget that there are lots of other places on the planet that we don't know much about. Weโ€™d like to think that we know a little bit more than we really do, but the truth is that weโ€™re not even close.

While you live on Earth and surely have taken a couple of geography classes in your day, how much do you actually know about the planet and its geography? You don't have to be a globetrotter to explore the far corners of the planet โ€” you can test your knowledge of the world with our geography quiz.

Think you can ace this quiz? The more geography quizzes you take, the more you'll learn and the smarter you'll get. If you can score at least 76 percent on this difficult geography quiz then we know for sure you are a particularly knowledgeable person. Are you going to prove yourself to be a geography guru or get lost along the way?

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