If You Get More Than 12/16 on This Smallest Around the World Quiz, You Are Too Smart

Not for the small-brained.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the smallest places, landmarks, and various things that you can find around our planet. To do well on a quiz like this you’ll have to know a lot about geography, world records, history, and more. We can be quite certain that you are a smart person if you are able to get more than two thirds of the questions correct on this smallest around the world quiz.

Do you know where you can find the smallest volcano in the world? You may know what the largest rainforest is, but how about the smallest? You’ll have to have a big brain to know about all this small stuff. Perhaps you think you are a rather intelligent and well-read person. In that case, you might do particularly well on this quiz but we wouldn’t want you to get overconfident. At the very least, if you are not able to do well on this quiz we hope that you will learn some stuff that will help you do better on future quizzes or sound smart in random conversations you may have with strangers later.

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The Smallest Around The World Quiz For Geography Experts Questions

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