How Good Is Your Geography Knowledge?

Time to separate the geography rock stars from the map-deficient.

How Good Is Your Geography Knowledge?
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Geography is one of the most interesting subjects to study in the world. It is the study of the physical world around us, which is a fairly broad and involved topic. Geography is integral to our lives. It is there when we open up our Google Maps mobile app to locate our positions and destinations; when we encounter the beauty of natural landscapes and wonder how they came into being; when we visit another country and experience languages and cultural norms which are similar and yet different at the same time. Geography is driven by our desire to understand our place in relation to natural creations and other people in the world.

Geography is ever-changing as the physical world around us will always be in a state of flux. Nothing is permanent, not even the Earth. If you think you possess a large amount of geographical knowledge, we invite you to take this quiz and find out just how knowledgeable about geography you really are.

How Good Is Your Geography Knowledge? Quiz Questions