Is Your General Knowledge Better Than the Average Person?

No googling answers.

Having a large amount of general knowledge is a difficult thing to obtain. We may be all experts in the subjects we are passionate about but how many of us will actually take the time to learn about the wide range of topics outside of what we need to know? Very few people make learning and reading a part of their everyday habit, but those that do find themselves in a really small group of knowledgeable people. There's a chance you fall into this category.

These general trivia questions aren't all that difficult if you happen to be knowledgeable on the subject but there's a good chance you are not. If you think you happen to be a really smart person with a whole lot of general knowledge in that big brain of yours, then maybe you are up for a good challenge next. Take this quiz, answer these general knowledge questions, and we'll see if you have above average knowledge... or not.

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Is Your General Knowledge Better Than Average Person? Quiz Questions

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