If You Get Over 80% On This Random Knowledge Quiz, You Know a Lot

Get ready to test that big brain of yours!

You have to be really smart to score consistently well on random knowledge quizzes. The types of people who tend to do well on quizzes like this also tend to perform well on game shows like Jeopardy! or in bar trivia or in competitions where the knowledge required isn't limited to one subject or a certain niche. It's very difficult to obtain this level of diverse knowledge without having a true love of academia, reading, or learning in general.

While having a large breadth of general knowledge may not lead to expertise in any one field, there is a truly intrinsic value to just being a naturally smart person. If you can get over 80% of the answers correct on this random knowledge quiz, we are quite confident in saying that you are a very smart person. If you think you have a high level of intelligence then you may want to test your theory out by giving this general knowledge quiz your best shot.

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If You Get Over 80% On This Random Knowledge Quiz, You Know a Lot Questions

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