Go Out for a Meal and We’ll Guess Your Age

Where would you have your dinner?

Food is an integral part of most cultures. Each country offers something unique that you probably won't find in most other places. So if you are visiting a new country, or even if you simply find yourself in a new restaurant offering a different cuisine, you should explore dishes that you wouldn't get a chance to otherwise.

If you ever want to get a taste of Turkey, the doner kebab is the way to go. Having some roasted lamb or veal in a wrap may seem simple, but the roasting process makes the meat so tender and irresistible. If you ever get a chance to taste Thai cuisine, you should have the namesake, pad thai, or phad thai. The flavorful dish consists of noodles stir-fried with shrimp or meat. If you stumble upon a German restaurant, you should order a currywurst. The sausage cooked with curry spices is sold 800,000,000 times each year in Germany!

Pretend you are heading out for a delicious meal in this quiz. Decide who you want to go with, where it is you are going and what you want to eat, and we'll try to guess your age correctly!

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