Make Some Grown-Up Choices and I Guarantee We Can Guess Your Relationship Status

What sort of decisions will you make?

As young adults, many of us assume life isn't going to be more difficult than the troubles we faced during our time in school. However, once we reach a certain age, we realize how many tough decisions we have to make in life. Whatever issue or great event that happens to us is based on the choices we make.

Who do we choose to date, and eventually marry? After marrying, do we decide to start a family or adopt a pet, or both? When you first get a job, all the disposable income you get may seem exciting and it tempts you to purchase something that you always dreamed of. Do you make large purchases even if they are out of your price range?

In this quiz, you get to make more of such decisions that are generally made by adults. Your grown-up decisions will help us guess your current relationship status accurately!

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