Can We Guess Your Height by Your Taste in Men?

It's time to take a good look at these men.

Women usually tend to date men taller than them, regardless of their own height. Maybe it's because they feel protected when their male companion is towering over them, or maybe it's that they can wear their favorite pair of high heels! Whatever the reason, there are also equally good reasons for dating shorter guys.

For example, statistically, shorter men live longer than taller guys. When you date someone who's shorter, you don't give in to society's superficial norms. By keeping your options open, you expand your pool of men to date, so more fish in the sea! If the guy is cool with dating a taller girl, it means he's probably open-minded too and will accept you for who you are. Are you convinced?

In this quiz, feast your eyes on various good looking celebrity men. Choose the ones you would want to date, marry, mess around with, or put in the friend zone. Based on your choice of men for various situations, we'll guess your height accurately!

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Can We Guess Your Height by Your Taste in Men? Quiz Questions

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