Can You Tell If These Are 😀 ‘Happy’ Or 😢 ‘Sad’ Words?

We broke out our thesaurus for this one.

Can You Tell If These Are 😀 ‘Happy’ Or 😢 ‘Sad’ Words?
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How would you answer if a friend is to ask you how you are feeling at the moment? Most likely you would say something like happy, sad or maybe even angry. But do you really think that that is sufficient to describe your mood adequately? There are only so many times we can use happy before the word loses its meaning. Instead, you can use phrases like 'pumped up' or 'on cloud nine' to express happiness and do justice in expressing your emotion. If you're feeling miserable, you can be 'down in the dumps', perhaps even 'grief-stricken'.

There are plenty of words which you can use to express your current form of emotion. Knowing a wider range of vocabulary will help you in describing your entire range of emotions and help others to better understand how you feel. Take this quiz to see if you can identify which of these words express happiness or sadness, and maybe even learn some new words at the same time!

Can You Tell If These Are 😀 ‘Happy’ Or 😢 ‘Sad’ Words? Quiz Questions