Tell Us If You Cried Watching These Movies and We’ll Tell You How Emotional You Are

Did you cry at every single one of these?

Tell Us If You Cried Watching Movies to Know How Emotio… Quiz

There are many of us who cry during movies. The background music of an emotional scene kicks it off and the characters' heartbreaking dialogue makes it worse. Either your eyes are tingling from how much you control your tears or you're wailing in a corner. There will be people who argue that there's no point in weeping since it's not a real situation; you're just weak. Emotional people refute that; "those people" just don't get it!

Movies evoke such real emotions from people that it's almost impossible to not have cried at least once while watching a sad scene. If you've ever seen Old Yeller, you'd understand that tears during the tragic ending are inevitable. What about Rose having to let go of Jack at the end of Titanic? What a tearjerking scene!

To find out how emotional you are compared to the masses, tell us if you've ever cried watching these 15 movies or if you were dry-eyed the entire time.

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Tell Us If You Cried Watching Movies to Know How Emotio… Quiz Questions