How Impressive Is Your Command of English?

Will you impress?

If you've ever needed a way to prove your incredible command of English, here is one quiz that was made just for you!

In this quiz you will be tested on several different areas of English, such as plurals, definitions, synonyms, sentence structure, and more. If the plural of moose is moose, would the plural of goose be goose? We will also quiz you on the meaning of interesting words that you probably have heard of but very infrequently. Also, not only must you be aware of the various synonyms a word can have, you should be able to identify the correct spelling of them. Think you are up to the task?

If you can answer questions like these with ease, then you are well prepared for this quiz. Use this test to prove how well versed you are in the beautiful English language and advance your command of the language!

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How Impressive Is Your Command of English? Quiz Questions

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