If You’ve Watched 18/24 of These TV Shows, Then You Qualify for a Senior Discount

Let's go back in time.

When feeling a bit nostalgic for days gone by, watching reruns of your favorite old sitcoms from the yesteryear can be both soothing and relaxing. The recipe of light-hearted tales, lavish costumes and reassuring morality from the golden days of television---even if they were mostly in black and white---takes us back to when we were kids and life was good and simple.

Shows like Bewitched, Gunsmoke,ย The Andy Griffith Show and The Beverly Hillbillies all enjoyed great runs. The Dick Van Dyke show won an Emmy just about every year it seems. Even without the modern technology of today, the sixties and seventies produced a number of good sci-fi series such as The Twilight Zone, Lost In Space, The Invaders, The Outer Limits and most notably, Star Trek.

What old sitcoms, dramas and other shows do you like to rewatch over and over? We've tested your knowledge of 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s TV series before, and for now, let's see how many of these retro shows you have seen at least an episode of.

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If You've Watched 18 of TV Shows, Then You Qualify for โ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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