🍍 You Haven’t Really Lived Unless You’ve Tried at Least 12 of These Tropical Fruits

You don't know jack(fruit).

Many brightly-colored and nutritious fruits are native to Asian countries and tropical regions around the world. Not only do they taste great, they also have enormous health benefits and are worth a try if you should ever chance upon them.

In some parts of Asia, durians are among the most popular of the exotic tropical fruits. Known as the "King of Fruits", you can spot a durian by the sharp spikes that cover the whole exterior of the fruit. When it is in season, it is among the most expensive of fruits.

Another strange-looking tropical fruit is the rambutan. Rambutans look furry with red/green hairs and are about the size of ping pong balls or golf balls.

Go through this quiz to explore the fruit varieties of the world which are far removed from the usual fare. How many of these exotic tropical fruits have you actually tried?

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