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If You Like 22 of These 30 Things Then You Definitely Have a Weakness for Crunchy Food

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it's that everyone likes crunchy food. In fact, it may even be a universal obsession. The ratios of sugar, salt, and fat may vary, but crunch always prevails.

Just what is it about eating crispy and crunchy foods that we find so irresistible? One theory is that it has something to do with evolution. Crunchy textures are often an indicator of freshness in fruits and vegetables which may be why we seek them out. In addition, chomping down on crackly foods also rewards you with a satisfying loud, crisp sound as you bite down and chew them between your teeth.

Crunchy foods need not necessarily be deep-fried dishes or bags of snacks. Carrots and toast also qualify. We've tried to pull together as many types of crunchy treats as possible in this quiz. Grab some popcorn and a snack if you like before starting the quiz. It's crunch time!


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