How Well Do You Know Your 1970s Events?

How much do you know of this crazy decade?

The 1970s were a crazy time. Those years were perhaps more fun than the sixties, less revolutionary, though still rebellious. While the 1960s were more about changing society, the seventies seem to carry much more emphasis on fun. By the time we would get to the 1980s, however, society had sort of warped its view on what was fun. World events played a major role in the 1970s as the world powers of the time continued to jockey with one another for dominance as well.

If you think you know a lot about the 1970s then you might do well on this quiz. This doesnโ€™t mean you need to have had experienced the decade first-hand, you may have just seen Dazed and Confused several times and feel youโ€™ve got the gist of the '70s. Either way, this quiz will determine how much you really know about one of the most interesting periods in human history.

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How Well Do You Know Your 1970s Events? Quiz Questions

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