How Much Random 2010s Knowledge Do You Have?

Were you paying attention over the last 10 years or so?

The 2010s were an interesting time. The last decade in human history has brought about many changes to our society and the world at large. Technology underwent a massive shift and this has caused changes to our culture and the way we live as well. Many of the events that took place in the years 2010 to 2019 had important societal effects but many others were just interesting and funny things that you will likely enjoy remembering.

The world is in an exponential state of change. The decade of 2010s was different from the years that came before it in many ways and at this point, the 20th century feels like it was several generations ago. This current decade hasn't started in a fantastic way so perhaps this is a good time to reminisce about the last decade which passed. If you think you have lots of random knowledge about the 2010s then put that to the test in this quiz.

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How Much Random 2010s Knowledge Do You Have? Quiz Questions

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