🍰 If You’ve Eaten 18/22 of These Things, You’re Obsessed With Cakes

Are you in love with cakes?

Cake lovers will attest to the fact that cakes are the single best thing in the world of desserts. No birthday party, wedding, or anniversary would be complete without a cake to share with guests. Not only is cake a versatile treat that comes in a huge variety of delicious flavor combinations, but it also continues a historical tradition of honoring important occasions with a delicious dessert. When families and friends get together to celebrate, we all like to break out celebratory cakes — no matter who we are or where we come from. It's one of the most delicious parts about being human.

Apart from being enjoyed at a celebratory occasion, cake can be had at afternoon tea, perk up a sad day, or 'just because'. Everyone has a cake that they call their favorite and even one that matches their personality.

Are you a cake-obsessed fan who has tried your fair share of cakes? Let's see where you rank up amongst other cake fans in this quiz!

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