How Sophisticated Is Your Taste in Food?

Do you have good taste in food or is it just awful?

The culinary world is a strange one, where elite chefs continue to transform and reinvent their cooking into artisanal masterpieces. There are some ingredients that are genuine luxuries, allowing Michelin star restaurants to charge $300 per head meals. Yet what is it that makes a dish sophisticated and worth the price? Correspondingly, does it take a truly sophisticated palate to be able to appreciate items like foie gras, truffles, and beluga caviar? Lobsters are now a posh menu item, yet not too long ago used to be considered the cockroaches of the ocean!

Many high-end food items are not necessarily instantly gratifying and often taste unpleasant on the first try. But over time, we are conditioned to accept and even appreciate a wider range of tastes and exotic flavors. This is all due to our malleable palate, which changes throughout our lifespan as we expose our tastebuds to different cultures, cuisines, and perhaps even peer pressure.

Put your palate to the test and find out just how sophisticated it is!

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How Sophisticated Is Your Taste in Food? Quiz Questions

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