The Way You Eat Common Foods Will Reveal Whether You’re Shy or Outgoing

Do you fold pizza or eat the slice as it is?

When it comes to eating certain foods, we all have our own little ways. Some of us prefer condiments on the side when eating french fries, while others drizzle ketchup all over the fries instead. We eat however we want to, in whichever manner that is comfortable to us. Once we grow accustomed to one method of eating, it's hard to think of eating the same food in any other way. But what if we told you there was an ideal way to eating some of the most common foods?

Most of us eat an apple by biting around the core. But were you aware that you could eat the core? By eating the apple from top to bottom, or upside down, you get to eat a lot more of the fruit. When you get a Tic Tac from its container, do you make use of the handy built-in dispenser? What dispenser, you say? Turn over the container, open the tab, and there will be one mint waiting on the dispensor perfectly.

In this quiz, tell us how you prefer eating some of the most common foods. Your unique ways of eating them will determine if you're more outgoing than shy, or vice versa!

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