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Disney Princes and Princesses Quiz

When we were little girls, we read our share of fairy tales and we enjoyed fantasizing about being whisked away by our very own handsome Prince Charming. In the beginning, Disney princes were portrayed as being classy, easy on the eyes, and mostly just that. With the release of newer movies, the leading male characters were more fleshed out and had more defining characteristics. Which Disney prince is the best of them all?

In classic Disney films, Sleeping Beauty's beau, Prince Phillip probably takes the crown (pun intended). He is definitely one of the bravest princes there are, slaying a dragon for Aurora. But in the modern era, Tangled's Flynn Rider may have stolen the crown. He is portrayed as a roguish character who has a lot to learn about himself. The natural relationship he shares with Rapunzel is very relatable and his love for her is admirable.

In this quiz, it's your opinion that matters! Tell us what you think of the following Disney guys and we'll tell you which princess you are most like.

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