Can You Name These Disney Guys?

It's time to put a spotlight on these oft-overlooked men.

Can You Name These Disney Guys? Quiz

A lot of Disney movies portray the female characters as protagonists and focus on them throughout. But without their heroic male counterparts, the movie wouldn't be complete. It doesn't hurt if they look good either! But who is the fairest one of them all?

You have to admit, when you saw Prince Eric's blue eyes in The Little Mermaid, it made you swoon immediately! Along with his shiny black hair, musical abilities, and love for Ariel, he is one of the dreamiest Disney princes. Aladdin is another looker with a wonderful personality to match. His charming smile, adorable shyness, and loyalty mean that he is here to stay in our hearts. But we think Flynn Rider from Tangled is the dreamboat of the Disney universe. One of the smartest Disney men, Flynn's humor makes him extra attractive. His passionate side has got our hearts melting too.

See if you can identify the different Disney guys in this fun quiz!

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