How Close to 20/20 Can You Score on This English Word Quiz?

If you think you can go 20 for 20 on this quiz, you have another _____ coming.

How Close to 20 Can You Score on This English Word Quiz?

Are you any good when it comes to your command of the English language? It takes more than just speaking it well to be able to take on a quiz like this. You should have a strong understanding of the various parts of the language. This includes grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and popular phrases. If you want to test your abilities in these areas, we've got the test for you!

Do you know the synonyms for words like "risky", "troublesome" and "tempo"? Not only must you know them, you should be able to spell them correctly as well. Have you heard the word "preclude"? If you can define it, you can make some progress in the following test. Finally, if you don't see anything wrong with the spelling of "self-depercating", you may be in trouble.

So if you're prepared for all that, you may now take a shot at our curated English quiz and find out how well you can do!

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