Everyone Has a “Chill” Disney Princess That Matches Their Personality β€” Here’s Yours

Are you chill Elsa or Mulan?

Which Chill Disney Princess Are You?
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For the number of times you have watched a movie featuring a beautiful Disney princess, you should know a lot about the various princesses. However, we're sure you haven't heard of at least one of the following facts about these gorgeous Disney characters!

Ever wondered whether the creator of the company, Walt Disney, had a favorite out of all the princesses? Well he did--it was Cinderella! He mentioned to the voice actress that there's something about the story that resonated with him. Speaking of Cinderella, did you know that her infamous glass slipper was a size 4 1/2? How tiny! The gown she wore to the ball was impressive, but we think Jasmine and Mulan's outfits were admirable too--they were the only ones wearing pants. So chill!

In this quiz, we can tell you which Disney princess you're most like. Not just the regular princesses, but their chill counterparts. For this, you just have to answer some Disney and comfort-related questions. Have fun!

Which Chill Disney Princess Are You? Quiz Questions