Are You Smart Enough to Pass This 🧊 Ice Age Quiz?

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The global climate of the Earth used to be a lot different from what it is today. Our changing planet has seen many species unable to survive from one period to the next due to drastic environmental changes. The last ice age in human history is one of the most fascinating subjects to study. It really is the bridge between modern times and the world before humans. There were humans roaming the Earth during the last ice age, of course, but their way of life differed greatly from what we experience today. The people who lived during the last ice age shared this land with woolly mammoths, huge giant mammals, and other animals that would make you or I run away screaming if we ever were to come face to face with them.

If you happen to know a lot about prehistoric animals then you might do particularly well on this quiz. You will have to know about the animals which roamed the Earth during the ice age, human culture that existed during this period, and more.

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