🍨 Can We Guess the Decade of Life You’re in Based on the Ice Cream You’ve Tried?

Get your cone ready.

Ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. There are some things in life that never fail to bring a smile to anyone's face regardless of age, culture or nationality, and ice cream is one of them. From the youngest toddlers to old age seniors, that first delicious lick of this universally loved frozen dessert can make all of us instantly forget all our problems.

Whether you are going through a bad breakup or are just an innocent victim of mindless binge-eating, you have probably found yourself at the bottom of a newly opened Ben & Jerry's pint. We know how addictive the sweet stuff is. Once you start, it's hard to stop!

Whatever your flavor, whatever your style – be it simple gelato, soft serve or something loaded with toppings, your choice of a creamy scoop reveals something about you. So grab yourself a tasty ice cream treat, take this quiz, and see what it reveals about you!

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Can I Guess Decade of Life You're in by Ice Cream You'v… Quiz Questions

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