🍦 Your Ice Cream Opinions Will Reveal Your Actual and Emotional Ages

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Ice cream is perennially beloved across the world for good reason. Whether you are a mint chocolate chip or strawberry fan, like it soft serve-style, on a waffle, in a cone, cup, milkshake or sandwich, there's a frozen delight that hits the spot every time.

As kids we loved ice cream. And as adults, we never really grow out of the love that we have for the creamy, frozen treat. With a bevy of flavors ranging from the classic cookies and cream to exotic peanut butter and cookie dough, this icy-cold goodness is here to stay- and we certainly aren't complaining. Many desserts come and go, but ice cream will never go out of fashion.

Depending on your stance towards various ice cream flavors and frozen concoctions, we can guess what your physical and mental ages are. Curious to know if your numbers match? Take this delicious quiz and find out now!

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