🍦 Do You Actually Prefer Ice Cream or Men?

Which one would you choose?

There are plenty of reasons that dessert is the best meal of the day but number one has to be ice cream. Ice cream is refreshing, delicious, and there are literally hundreds of flavors. Whether you're a chocoholic or a coffee addict, there is a flavor that will satisfy any craving you could possibly have. It comes in many different forms too. Sandwich, milkshake, cone, cup. No matter how you take your ice cream, it undoubtedly will taste delicious. No one needs convincing on how great ice cream is.

Unlike a bad relationship, ice cream is the best and will never let you down. How many times have you seen a female TV character cry over her most recent breakup, and then instantly feel happier by dipping a spoon into a tub of Ben & Jerry's? For some reason ice cream has been proven to take sadness away and we all know it. It instantly perks up one's mood and makes every situation better.

Whether you agree wholeheartedly, or are still on the fence as to whether ice cream is the best, here's a quiz for that. This quiz will help you figure out objectively and definitively whether you actually prefer the icy cold dessert or hot men.

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🍦 Do You Actually Prefer Ice Cream or Men? Quiz Questions

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