Only a True Pixar Fan Has Watched 18/21 of These Movies

Are you a Pixar Powerhouse?

Since the release of its very first feature film, Toy Story, in 1995, Pixar has become one of Hollywood's most celebrated animation studios. They've found magic in your childhood toy box, at the bottom of the ocean, back in the ages of dinosaurs and in a post-apocalyptic Earth of the future.

Ranging from superhero adventures to tales of a Scottish princess, its 21 movies to date have earned plaudits for being artistically adventurous and telling multilayered stories that are much more than just stories for kids. With just as many adult fans, they are stories that affect us on an emotional level we can't wait to experience again and again. Even Pixar's lesser works usually have something to offer and are never outright forgettable.

So come along, get that snake out of your boot, and take a walk through the Pixar filmography from past to present. How many of these Pixar movies have you watched?

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Only a True Pixar Fan Has Watched 18/21 of These Movies Quiz Questions

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