Decide If These Pixar Movies Are Overrated or Underrated and We’ll Guess Your Generation

Is Toy Story overrated?

There are so many Pixar movies to choose from. Trying to rank them according to quality and how much you like them is near impossible. All of them are good, and there is probably no other movie studio that comes close in terms of churning out the same high quality movies that Pixar does. Although some of these animated films work better than others, every single one has something special to offer, whether it is the beautiful imagery, vivid storytelling, an emotional ride, or memorable characters.

But that doesn't mean we like every single Pixar film equally. Chances are, if you have seen your fair share of Pixar movies, you would have your favorites and preferences. Your taste and opinions in these movies are pretty telling and can reveal your age group. Try out this quiz, rate all 22 Pixar movies and we'll decipher what generation you belong to!

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