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These Trick Questions Will Stump You Unless You’re Really, REALLY Intelligent

Can you get through this quiz without getting tricked?
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No matter how annoying the answers tend to be, we still love figuring out trick questions and riddles. But when it comes to our partners asking us "trick" questions that have no right answer, we hate answering them as we seem to get into trouble no matter what our answers are.

Here are some common relationship trick questions and how to answer them correctly! When a partner asks if you loved him for his brains or looks, choosing either option wouldn't be helpful, let alone sugarcoating it. Instead, you should describe how much you love everything about that person. When a friend you haven't seen in a while asks you "why don't we talk anymore?", you shouldn't say something that makes her feel small when compared to your priorities. Instead, you should probably talk about how you've missed her and the memories you shared.

If you're up for 20 trick questions, then take on this quiz. However, do so only if you're incredibly intelligent. Otherwise, you'll definitely get stumped!

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These Trick Questions Will Stump You Unless You're Real… Quiz Questions

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