This Impossible Quiz Will Make Your Mind Sharper

Ready those brain cells.

This is a very difficult quiz and it is not expected that you will score perfect. In fact, there's a good chance you will flunk this quiz altogether. It's multiple-choice, so odds are you will get at least a few questions correct even if you don't know the topic very well but in general, don't expect to do well on this quiz.

You will learn a lot while doing this quiz, however, as every wrong answer is a new fact learned. Perhaps you already have a mind that is sharp as a knife, however. In that case, you actually might do pretty well on this quiz. You might want to temper your expectations just a little bit, though. We all tend to have an overinflated view of our own intelligence and this quiz might pull the blinds back on your ego a little bit. Or, perhaps you will do really well and put us to shame. Take this quiz, see how you do, and no matter what it will make your mind a little bit sharper.

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